HP22B - Reaper Sauce

Meaty Vegan

SOS 3rd Anniversary Edition. 

The smoothest Carolina Reaper sauce you will ever taste!

Only 108 of these extraordinarily rare bottles will be released to the public - rationed off monthly starting June 1st 2017. An extremely modest amount of an additional 108 bottles will be sealed away the vault, not to be released until 2020. 

If this bottle says unavailable, please look back monthly or follow us on Instagram @Meaty_Vegan to find out when the next group of bottles will be released. 

This particular masterpiece was handcrafted by Canadian hot sauce legend Sam Shijivi. Sam prefers using fresh hot peppers as opposed to extracts in his sauces to ensure that the proud owners of these creations are able to enjoy the full taste of the sauce before the heat blows them away. This sauce is no different.   

The first ingredient in HP22B - Reaper Sauce is the current world record holder with the title: Worlds Hottest Pepper. The Carolina Reaper. This means that it is scientifically impossible to achieve a hotter natural hot sauce without the use of extract than HP22B - Reaper Sauce.

So what can you expect when you taste this sauce?  Aside from the obvious sweating and extreme sense of euphoria, you will also experience some of the best tasting natural hot sauce in the world. 

Experience: In addition to being the world's hottest pepper, this is likely the sweetest super-hot pepper you are going to find. One of the reasons that fresh peppers are used and not Carolina Reaper extract is that the extract gives instant heat while the fresh pepper heat actually builds up in your mouth over a short period of time. Why is this important? Because this allows you to actually experience what the sauce taste like, and not just the heat.  After the initial sweetness of the Carolina Reaper hits you, you'll also recognise the second ingredient from a mile away; Garlic. By the time that your brain starts to decipher the ginger, you'll also start noticing that heat start to build. As this happens, your body will start excreting adrenaline- literally making you temporarily stronger, reduce or even start temporarily eliminating feelings of pain. You should also feel an increase in energy and dramatically heightened senses. This is also when your breathing starts to increase and any nasal blockage will liquefy.  While the last of these experiences doesn't sound as appealing, it has its place during the flu season! Consider this a multi-purpose, performance enhancing, natural decongestant and flavour enhancer super-hot sauce. 

The Carolina Reaper is a scorching chilli. Eating it raw is not ever advised, and touching it with bare hands can actually cause severe burns. Lucky for us, the heat we feel on our tongues will not result in damaging our taste buds in any way whatsoever.  Our sauce has been crafted to give you a full flavour experience at just over half the heat of a fresh mature Carolina Reaper pepper. 

INGREDIENTS: Fresh Carolina Reaper Peppers, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Ginger, Spices, Vinegar, Lemon & Lime Juice. 

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