Oblivious Rachel's Hotley Sauce

Meaty Vegan

Heat Rating: 6

This is the sauce that started it all for Meaty Vegan.  The original bottle, complete with horribly designed & hard to read label.  This is a piece of Meaty Vegan history. Only 500 produced.  If you enjoy this sauce- ( you should- it's won nearly a dozen awards before we purchased the rights to it ) then don't worry - you can still enjoy it when we are sold out of these ones. It has been relabeled as Healthy Heat. 

Oblivious Rachel's HOTley sauce. I know the name may remind you of a certain Alberta politician- but we assure you that the name is purely coincidental.
To some, It may also look like that certain Alberta politician is shoving a bottle of this sauce right up the rear end of what appears to be an Alberta tax paying citizen. We don't really think so, but that's the great thing about art! Everyone seems to see something slightly different from it the more they look at it... 


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