Healthy Heat

Meaty Vegan

Heat Level: 7 / 10

Flavour:  Fresh chillies, noticeable but not overpowering garlic, and a sweet finish of medium bodied maple syrup to tie this virtually perfect hot sauce all together. Some suggest fleeting hints of burnt toffee at the very end as well. 

This is the exact same sauce as the award-winning Hotter Than Mild Sauce with one exception. This one is a fair bit hotter with the addition of the Habanero pepper. 

Although this packs plenty of heat, it is also perfectly balanced with just as much (maybe even more) flavour. The garlic and chillies are not overpowered by the heat, and the maple syrup ties this whole offering together perfectly. Easily one of our favourites of all time, and sure to make your top 5 list as well! 

Try our Hotter Than Mild Sauce if you'd prefer a little less heat!

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