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Private Label

High-Quality Small-Batch Private Labeled Products


Advantages for a retailer to offer a Meaty Vegan private branded product include:

  • Control of the Marketing Strategy. Retailers can more easily tailor product offerings to individual stores and the communities surrounding each location. For example, one store in a Hispanic community might offer more traditional Latin sauces & spices higher in heat than a store with a predominantly caucasian population, which may prefer the more toned down heat and turned up flavour offerings.  Supplement stores & health food stores may choose the sugar and salt reduced options over others.
  • Control Over Volume. Many manufacturers require a retailer to guarantee the sale of a large minimum volume in order to receive price concessions, marketing rebates, and other benefits. However, private label manufacturers such as Meaty Vegan offer the ability to buy the product in smaller volumes more likely to sell and to adjust those volumes according to customer demand.
  • Reinforce the Retailer’s Brand. Reinforcing the retailer’s brand, rather than the brands of the individual products, effectively leverages the cost of advertising and marketing, and replaces the concept of “trust the products” with “trust the retailer.” 
  • Flexibility. Retail markets are notoriously unstable, affected by fads, crazes, and rumours. Product recalls requiring costly effort to remove a product from shelves, return them, and restock with another product. Often, retailers and manufacturers have long-term contracts which are not easily adjusted. A private label brand, while affected by some of these problems, is much easier to remove and replace than a national brand.

Private Label Orders

We offer awesome rates on top-end private label hot sauce. We offer low minimum runs--starting at one case containing just 12 bottles--and customise your label to suit your needs. Personalised sauces are great for any special occasion from fundraisers to wedding favours to corporate events and more. We also offer private label wing sauce, BBQ sauce, and salsa because not EVERYONE loves hot sauce
We will work with you directly to customise your labels. Send us your photos, graphics, logos, and let us do the rest! 

Private labelling of our premium hot sauces will range anywhere from $4.00 to $20.00 per bottle (based on sauces, ingredients used & quantity- the more you buy, the more you save! ).  Let us know what kind of sauce you are looking for, or if one of our current products tickles your taste buds.  

Also please be aware that if this is for a time sensitive occasion- we will need an absolute minimum of 15 business days to prepare your batch, create the labels and ship your products. The more time we have, the better for you!