Customize Your Heat

Meaty Vegan takes your personal journey into the world of hot sauce very seriously. This is why we are giving you the option to take your favorite sauces and kick them up a few hundred thousand (or million) scovilles. 

Featuring our very own Experiment 1064, you are able to add extra heat without compromising flavour.

What you need to know: Due to the method in which we add the extra heat (through our extract: Experiment 1064) - you will experience INSTANT heat the moment our sauce touches your mouth. All of our hot sauces are made with fresh hot peppers which is why you taste the amazing flavour of our creations before the heat really hits you. Most commercial hot sauces that are over 10,000 SHU use extract for the additional heat. This is why the heat is instant in some sauces while there is a slower build in others.  At Meaty Vegan we value taste over heat in MOST cases, but we realize there are those individuals out there who just can't wait to feel the full effects of the capsaicin. For those individuals, this is why we offer our custom heat lineup.  

Current Items available for heat customization: 

Oblivious Rachel's Notley Sauce
Healthy Heat
4 Horsemen 
All Seasoning salts 
Burning Nuts

Seasoning Salts will have added to them a blend of Ghost pepper powder in the heat levels of Medium, Hot, and Extra Hot. 

Burning Nuts already is infused with Ghost Pepper- so there is technically zero need to increase the heat of this item. The human tongue can only detect heat levels up to 1,000,000 SHU- and burning nuts is already very close to that number. Adding more heat to this just means that the pain of consuming these nuts will last just that much longer. For those who wish to increase the heat of Burning Nuts, here is what we do: 

1. place a fresh batch of burning nuts into a freezer zip lock bag & add a few sprays of our 5 million SHU extract. shake it all up very well.
2. dust the nuts with smoked Carolina Reaper powder.
3. pack them up and send them off to a very unfortunate soul who may just be foolish enough to eat them...   

Online only. Not available for wholesale.