List of Products set to launch in 2017: 

Currently, we have ten items in the coming soon category.  All three seasonings, our scorpion pepper sauce and our Healthy Herbs will all be available by the end of May, all the others on this list should hit our shelves sometime in June.


- Limited Release Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce
There will only be 499 of these "Limited Release" & special reserve hot sauces made for the 2016-2017 public offerings.  Each batch has been expertly hand-selected to exceed your expectations in both heat and in flavour. While there is a hotter chilli pepper available for this reserve, the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper was selected for the perfect combination of its beautifully strong flavour and heat balance.   

- Pumpkin Pie Seasoning Shaker
This exciting blend of all natural spices & sugars is sure to give the competition a run for its money. While the competitor's pumpkin spice offering is uniform in texture, it is also highly processed. We have decided to go the route of all natural & as lightly processed as spices can get.  Enjoy this on Pizza, Desserts, while baking, in your morning breakfast- the possibilities are limitless. 

- Spicy Italian Herbs & Garlic Seasoning 
Unlike the first four seasoning offerings by Meaty Vegan, this is the first one of the line that will feature NO SALT and NO SUGAR.  This perfectly blended seasoning has just a hint of heat- If you'd like to kick up the heat level, then mix this with a few shakes of our Ghost Pepper seasoning!

- NO SALT Seasoning 
Over 20 herbs and spices comprise this seasoning masterpiece. For those in contest prep, or trying to reduce sodium in their diet, this is the seasoning for you! 

- FRUIT Sauces (3)
There will be three (3) new releases to start off the brand new line of Meaty Vegan Fruit Hot Sauces. The lineup will feature Mango & Habanero, Pineapple & Cayenne pepper, and a Peach & Habanero hot sauce. Don't let the sweetness fool you, these are packing some serious heat- so a little goes a long way. 

Yet to be named... Habanero Hot Sauce 
All the flavour of the famous and treasured habanero pepper. This quite possibly could be the hottest natural habanero pepper sauce you ever try. 

- Yet to be named... Jalapeno Hot sauce
This green sauce is one of the more milder offerings of sauces. Although it won't excite a seasoned chilli-head in the heat department, it'll make up for it in flavour.

-Healthy Herbs Peri-Peri Hot Sauce 
 This is the hot sauce for those who don't like hot sauce. While this bottle is loaded with intensely flavoured herbs and spices, the heat is right down to almost an afterthought. Perfect for pouring on burgers and giving your bland pasta the much-needed kick! It also does a great job on salads!